the user is the judge!

OF THE etoy.CORPORATION (the art giant) OVER eToys
(the plastic toy giant).

hundreds of congratulation emails arrived at etoy.TANK17.
the press is calling day and night since wired news reported that
eToys Inc. thinks about dropping the lawsuit against the

this message rushed trough the news yesterday night:,1283,33330,00.html

etoy was not able to answer questions yet.
.... here is our official press statement:

first of all: according to our lawyer chris truax the situation is
not completely clear. we follow the contradictional statements in
the press... and we have the impression that eToys wants to play
the good guy now after they saw that the destruction of etoy
failed and their massive pressure on the art group provoked a
huge amount of bad press (over 100 articles worldwide) and drove
their stock down (wired news). it seems like they want to look
better than they are. we have the strongest impression that
the statements they make to the press and the ones they make
to our lawyers are not 100% identical:

latest HEADLINE No.1 TODAY.........................
etoy: 'The Fight Isn't Over",1283,33338,00.html

first they try to kill us (by spending maybe half a million dollars on
lawyers), and now they try to turn back the clock and say ...
....oh this was just a little misunderstanding...!?

did we miss something?

two weeks ago we received a 30 pages fax from one of the biggest
newspapers in the us (they got the document from eToys) with the
request to comment on the submitted material. eToys quoted the terms
"offensive, depraved, insane, obscene, prurient, perverse, destructive,
anarchistic, rebellious and anti-social in nature" in direct connection
with the etoy.CORPORATION. they sent out screen shots of some awarded
and ironic web art services which were not even posted on the
site since eToys incorporated in 1996.

at the same time they offer a cute little plastic soldier of the german SS:

the board decided to leave communication with eToys to our lawyers.
in the meantime the etoy.CREW concentrates on the and
offers etoy.POINTS to everybody who helps to protect the property
(with legal tools).

while eToys is using the money from their shareholders to pay the extreme
expenses of this lawsuit we are not even allowed to sell etoy.SHARES.
since eToys pushed an LA judge to declare etoy.SHARES as illegal the
etoy.ATTORNEYS developed a new avant garde art product called
etoy.POINTS. the etoy.POINTS are not etoy.SHARES! they just
represent the etoy.CULTURE-VALUE in a very abstract way. there is
no connection to financial markets:

etoy.POINTS are NOT etoy.SHARES and NOT apples or anything else.

just simple stupid POINTS. GOT IT? maybe one day after all this madness
people can change points into shares if a judge is fair! but no one knows!

if you don't want to understand this please swallow this email and forget
everything you know about etoy (the digital hijack, the tanks, even the
golden nica)... you could be a huge risk for all of us! .... no! we do not
need another lawsuit! if this is ok with everybody etoy will return
etoy.POINTS for help and money that people offer(ed).

the place where etoy.FANS, activists and art collectors can buy and win

the new community platform opens at the moment the first islands
hit the year 2000. or in other words: at the moment when the first
computers start to crash the enters the net.

as a close friend of etoy and important toysoldier you get the special
right to be recruited as one of the first TOY-AGENTS: etoy offers you 10
etoy.POINTS if you are one of the first 700 users who enter the game!

this mail was sent out to 700 hundred people who subscribed on
but hurry up! every body can invite 3 further friends.

the battle officially starts at the moment when the first 700 users
completed their training camps and proved that they can handle the
responsibility of the TOYWAR.activities.

after your application has been processed you line up with the other
TOY-AGENTS on the front page to let
everybody know that you are prepared for another 20 years of
TOYWAR if the etoy.DNS entries are not reinstalled quickly.

click here to login:

welcome on board:
we are ready for the big bug. HAPPY 200010000110010XXXXXX

your etoy.CREW !

§1 the is not about real war. this game was not
designed to hurt anybody or to cause damage. it is a piece of net art and
a documentation of the legendary fight of the internet community against
greed and bulldozing online. the goal is to learn more about power and
playful resistance.
§2 players MUST RESPECT the LAW.
§3 TOY-AGENTS do not know expletives. we all saw what
happens if we use bad words. it can lead to a terrible lawsuit and injunctions.
§4 is not a real financial market. if you don't see a difference
to the place where you invest your real money you should go away immediately.
§5 should show that open minded people like the
etoy.AGENTS do not want war. and that they always prefer to counter
aggression with media art.
§6 is about etoy.POINTS (etoy.POINTS are NOT
etoy.SHARES are not APPLES).
§7 it is not online to take revenge. it is online to let the world
know what the users think and to show what the users are.
§8 the producers of this game are not responsible for the things the users do if they
don't obey the rules. etoy urges everyone to respect the law.



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