eToys will never forget etoy.XMAS99...

TONIGHT! 23.12.1999: 23.55 ("10vor10")
first tv report all over europe on 3sat
repeated hourly on SFi 23.00 till 01.30

ladies & gentlemen, etoy.SHAREHOLDERS!
are you ready for the 20th century SHOWDOWN?

we are about to reboot the xmas crisis.OS:

all markets collapsed: stores and eSHOPS expect
massive toy destruction due to the cultural war on the
internet. customer care agents lose control. children
are crying! parents quarrel. the tree is burning.
confusion everywhere you look. media reports all over
america. now even europe joined this war. but the
worst is over, that's what eToys thinks... every dollar
transfered to save bank accounts. all plastic toys
delivered. its time to think about the final destruction
of the little art bastard etoy. the story gets too big,
it already appeared in financial times! everybody (except
the judge) is on the wrong side! why?! does money
not count anymore ?! this has to stop! but is it still
stoppable anyway? what do the pr-experts suggest?
TOY-NAM TRAP recognized? withdrawal? ----> NO!

the shares are down at $30.8125 (today 23.12.99 14:47).
they still think it's not being connected to the mess they
produced (they were at $67 when they shut etoy down). if
investors go out and scan the net, they find loads of bad
words about the child-loving giant. it's not only an issue
for the nerds and the techies. sooner or later everyone
could be in the way of such a bulldozer!

-a swiss television crew travelled to LA and wanted to
know what eToys is doing to the etoy.ART-CORPORATION.
reaction: NO COMMENT - "[they] have to concentrate on
customer service. this does not affect the revenues".
-neutral industry diplomats and former employees (who
fear the crash of the shares they own) tried to negotiate
and avoid total war. etoy agreed to an arrangement:
if they would re-activate the etoy domain (for email),
etoy would not operate till the court decision -
but eToys didn't listen. according to spies... (insiders talk
about a leak in the eToys-board) they pretend the
problem being NETWORK SOLUTIONS, Inc.'s business,
and that eToys Inc not being in the position to sue (!) them.

maybe talking to NSI would help too! but that's not their
language as we all know. they know only two ways of doing
business: to send money over, or to sue!

what about talking ? we are serious art-businessmen !

but this was a clear statement: all diplomates cleared the
fire line. we had to accept this.

the etoy.BOARD decided to transfer 64.000 etoy.SHARES
(of totally 640.000 units) into the TOYWAR resistance project.

[[ the user is the judge - the shareholder is the artist ]]

this is a solution to generate massive web activities and to
cover expenses for the court battle. *disclaimer

in other words, 10% of the etoy.CORPORATION will be
transferred into the hands of the resistance community
(users are included in the negotiation, get voting power,
and participate in the case of a buy out of the art
corporation etoy). the trading & market place of the
etoy.TOYWAR-SHARES is the TOYWAR battlefield :

all actions and activities are 100% legal. etoy operates
on the edge of reality to confuse the enemy and to prove
that the internet is not just one single stupid shop.

await further instructions. prepare your credit cards or
start to think about legal & playful information weapons...
etoy returns shares and for our US friends special
etoy.SCORES ...for work and cash that helps us to

..............get richer than the richest!
free speech on the net for art & business!

.................we wish you EXCITING xmas!

latest media reports:
'Be Grateful for Etoy', Wired News,1367,33159,00.html,4602,2408459,00.html

*DISCLAIMER: "etoy.SHARE" is illegal in the us.
"etoy.SHARES" are a revolutionary art product of
the etoy.CORPORATION. this product does not follow
the rules of ordinary financial markets at all.
investing in etoy is a high risk game. every
etoy.SHAREHOLDER is aware of the exclusive nature
of the etoy.SHARES. experts do not recommend the
etoy.SHARE as save investment for retirement pensions.

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we do not grab or buy addresses. if you like to
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