Toy story - 1999-11-30


toywar tunes

to the toywar sound coders and friends:

we just got the first finished tracks from escape
mechanism (minneapolis)! >>> fucking "nice". both
the elf song and #7 ! i hope we will get a lot
of additional material. it looks good at the
moment: peter conheim / negativland contributes
tracks and the german "stars", the liquid sky
guys (air liquid) said they ll do a special track
... cem oral follows the etoy.ACTIVITIES since a
long time...and dr walker likes the idea too
reported our vienna agent preddy.

styro2000 a nice maniac from zurich will start his
production next week. other people who promised to
send some material are: Bob Boster aka Mr.
Meridies, Steev Hise from Detritus, Shirley Hofmann,
Gunnar Lockwood, Christopher Hanis, The Evolution
Control Committee, illegal art, Mark Gergis (mono
pause) People Like Us/Jet Black Hair People, pomassl
(sabotage austria).

and i still hope bob ostertag will be on it too and
maybe we hear from robin/scanner and naut some good
news as well...we still wait to hear from "Greek
Buck" the connection from terre thaemlitz/douglas
rushkoff (thanks!)

not to forget: our friends from ninfomania/protein
are also recruiting artists for toywar... to bring
in the uk sounds!

the toywar action gets active support and platforms
by:, ninfomaina/PROTEIN,
(toywar week and special real broadcasting planed),
detritus, (toywar server), tnc network, and others.

we found a platform for online distribution: the mego
people will place the product on where people
can order with credit card as soon as the product s

its exciting to see this xmas virus grow...

we now have to concentrate on the production schedule.
im sure that we will have enough good material till the
end of the first week of december... i think that's the
deadline for the first cd which should be ready to go
to the copy plant on december 9. so we can start to
promote and to deliver before xmas ... what do you
guys think? is this possible? i know its fucking
hardcore but it will hit the eToys bastards as hard as
never again (till next xmas.hahaha... they make 80% of
their money with xmas sells)... but etoy will be in
jail for not paying attorney fees by next xmas if this goes
on ... ;-) we should find an arrangement with fidel castro have a place to hide if the americans go nuts.

i hope to hear more tracks soon... if you know people invite
them... >>> thanks a lot to all of you for the contribution!

TOYWAR will be a night mare for teachers and parents.
just perfect to infiltrate our little angel-brains...
with some confusing tunes from the net.

thank you for flying etoy >>> we will bring you back to earth
safely! ...maybe

for etoy, zai

ps: gunnar ... i love to hear your latest productions!!!
the one with the fucked up children voices.


toywar: defcon 3

>>> eToys VS etoy: what happened? is still online! we survived the first
round and spent more than four times as much money
as we did for the production of the digital hijack!
just to protect our rights...

a few days before the first court hearing in L.A.,
the leading online toy retailer offered to stop the
lawsuit and to hand over an amount of 160 000 $
(about 300.000 DM) in cash and shares to take
over the domain name.

even though the eToys business men are not familiar
with contemporay art and therefore not aware of
the value of the "etoy.BUSINESS" they must know
that their offer is far from acceptable considering
the fact that we would loose the domain:
all our artistic endeavours and art actions are
connected and related to this internet address.
this has been the concept from the first day
of operation and the most important paradigm of
etoy art work. the domain name is the established
and exclusive way to consume the famous and
(the core of the etoy.IDENTITY since 1995).
eToys Inc. set up one of the leading zero gravity
corporations (depending on ONE single domain name).
so they know what they ask for: a well established
brand in the media art world - our whole identity.
that's not something you can pick up like a can of
coke in a 5 min. break.

RESULT: the etoy.BOARD rejected the offer in the
name of the "etoy.SHAREHOLDERS" who "invested"
in one of the most exciting internet art viruses.

and so the first hearing in the case took place on
monday november 8, 1999 (united states district court
/ central district of california). a jury was supposed
to decide on the preliminary blocking of the domain but on demand of the eToys attorneys the
case was sent back to state court: this didn't cause a
preliminary blocking of the domain. this strategic move
is just aiming at the increase of our expenses.

the next hearing has been fixed for november 29,
1999 (superior court of the state of california for
the county of los angeles).

the eToys attorneys urged the court to press ahead with
the processing of the case and to fix an earlier date
(having concerns about their xmas sells). but the
court didn't follow this request.

after this defeat eToys general counsel peter juzwiak
called our attorney and offered 400 k to solve the problem
without negative publicity.

the "etoy.SHAREHOLDERS" are called to "vote" on further

...for the etoy.BOARD: zai, gramazio & kubli

"...etoy, the corporation that infects global markets
and family values... ...just to see what happens...
....a virus growing in the heads of your little
daughters & sons... sponsored by art investors around
the globe..."


etoy will keep you updated on the development of this
case because your email address is on our friends list (no
spam / no automatic grabbing)

if you don't want to receive any further etoy.INFORMATION
or if an unauthorized person added your address to this list
please feel free to unsubscribe with an email to (don't forget to unsubscribe your
old email addresses and forwarded addresses. if there is a
problem unsubscribing contact: we will
help you.


eToy citato in giudizio - Neural 26 1999-11-18



dear customer,

the two authorized etoy.INVESTMENT-CONSULTERS zai and gramazio
will inform the public about ongoing business activities of the
etoy.CORPORATION: the etoy.SHARE-PERFORMANCE, actual etoy.TANK
logistics, etoy.TIMEZONE (, legal
affairs and etoy.KNOWLEDGE-MANAGEMENT RESEARCH. a brief overview.

TRANSMEDIALE99---> 13.02.99 - 12.00
Podewil Klosterstraße 68-70 - 10179 Berlin

leaving reality behind...



> > >

February 13th / 12 noon presentation: cyberworlds

The brave-new-3-dimensional-world hype surrounding VRML in its
early days has long since faded. Virtual worlds remain in demand,
however, among scientists, artists, architects, engineers and game
designers. Guests: Jeffrey Shaw, artist(AUS/D), Walter Greenleaf,
scientist(USA), Christian Bauer, business specialist(A), Etoy,
artists(A/CH/I/USA). Curator: Tom Sperlich, journalist (D)

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