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hi friends and TOYWAR.soldiers!
its time for a big hug !

your efforts (emails, links, press) show results...

eToys is about to destroy its own playground...
they cause their market to turn against themselves
... starting an insane war against net culture in
the middle of holiday season... WHAT A CLEVER MOVE!
eToys is walking straight into a TOY-NAM
(the vietnam of the internet toy market).

corporate greed and a massive lack of
knowhow and sensibility for the internet
community has led to this desaster ! imagine:
they have no shops, just their website under the
domain name! eToys Inc. totally
relays on a proper child loving image... and of
course on a good relationship with the users -
who are the net.

the big sales haven`t happened yet... the real $$$
still twinkles in the future .... a projection of over
excited businessmen?

we are happy to announce: the eToys stocks are not
doing well ! watch them struggeling on nasdaq:

they went down from 67.063$ (11.29 the day of the
preliminary injunction) to 47.8125$ (today 13:05/one week
after their attack against etoy / massive press
coverage: new york times,, village voice...)

the first financial news papers and stock market
analysts started to call the for
interviews. this will hurt them bad.

it did not help them that the ART PRODUCT "etoy.SHARE"
was bulldozed into the offshore market (the art product
is illegal in the us !). after a short market crash (when was not reachable anymore) on tuesday
11.29.99, the etoy.VALUE recovered in the middle of the
week and reached a new market high this monday (more
than 5 $ per share) when the art brokers and gallery
owners heard that etoy did not accept the court decision
and went to the court of appeal. to say "thank you!" to the
community that strikes back by posting their opinon all
over the net (news groups, articles, emails to friends)
we include all members of the list

this allows you to purchase etoy.SHARE-OPTIONS
to the initial price of 1,25 $ per unit. (minimal amount
for microshare card: 80 units / minimal amount for
etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES: 1500 units)* (disclaimer)
please support the culture war against eToys (reply this
email) and: ... get richer than the richest.

>>> the user is the judge © etoy

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we are proud to announce some of many new media reports:
-new york times:
-radio show "off the hook" with emanuel goldstein
online soon on:
-facts news magazine
-national public radio this friday ALL OVER THE US !
- (tomorrow)

*DISCLAIMER: etoy.SHARE is an illegal ART PRODUCT in
the U.S. since november 28, 1999. if you are located in
america or if you are an american citizen you can now
purchase etoy.ART through the etoy.OFF-SHORE-BANKERS:

non american supporters can simply hit the reply button
to talk about their investment plans!

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