NOTE: etoy.EVENT monday/october 5th, GDI-rueschlikon/switzerland!
etoy.TANK10, the first etoy.CARGO-CONTAINER has landed in europe.

etoy.SOFTWARE-RELEASE: check out:

dear etoy.SHAREHOLDERS, etoy.SPONSORS and etoy.FANS

after weeks of unofficial rumors the etoy.SHARE got under
enormous pressure... since august 5th (quote: 3.75 $ usd
per share) the stocks lost more than 78% of their value
(quote 30.09.98: 0.80 $usd per share).

due to etoys tremendous san francisco success the corporation
was faced with massive legal and cash problems, overworked
employees and with unfriendly take-over attempts by american
software and entertainment companies. the etoy.INDEPENDENCE
and etoy.CORPORATE-IDENTITY were in danger.

the etoy.CRISIS-MANAGEMENT must now inform the public about
the following strategic and logistical consequences:

-> the etoy.ANONYMOUS MAILBOMB SERVICE has been temporary
closed to reduce international federal and corporate pressure
and to allow concentration on the etoy.CORE-BUSINESS
(development of offensive media-weapons, pop-viruses and
panic-management tools).

-> learning from the crash the etoy.LOGISTICS-DIVISION is
working on etoy.TIMEZONE, a service that will eliminate
waste of time, money and human resources on a global scale
and finally leads to short term stabilization of the stocks.
-> etoy.TIMEZONE will launch on the 5th of october at the
gottlieb duttweiler institut in rueschlikon/zurich, in
switzerland the country of time measurement...
the event is open to the public. it starts at 20.00 CET.

-> exorbitant transfer offers evoked by the unfriendly take
over attempts resulted in the loss of two highly qualified
CODING)left the etoy.CORPORATION in common agreement. etoy
and the involved agents/companies are contracted to silence
about the details, names and transfer fees. the
etoy.CORPORATION can assure that young and highly qualified
replacements have been recruited and will be on duty as
soon as they have completed the last training sessions in
southern asia.

the etoy.CORPORATION guarantees maximum transparency. thanks
to the steps the etoy.CORPORATION has taken the situation has
slowly stabilized again. etoy proudly announces further
SHARE-CERTIFICATE-TRANSFERS to art collectors in switzerland
(total amount: 30'000 usd).

nobody invests to lose money.

to remove your address: from the etoy.MAILING-LIST:
send a mail to:

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