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<<< A company that sells bit. Bit of music, bit of slogan but also bit
poisoned." >>> ["CYBERTERRORISMO" - nico piro, translated by alta vista]

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email from the etoy.CORPORATION!

nobody invests to loose money? >*

this is high risk business terror, this is social engineering... to keep
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the etoy.CORPORATION?** is proud to introduce the first book
published about etoy and the etoy.CREW, the actions, the history of our
organisation, pop-theoretical background and etoy's impact on today's
culture: from virilio, heavensgate, kevin mitnick, CIA investigation
about our international business relationships to the hyper sucess all
around our superglobe...

titel: etoy "CYBERTERRORISMO" (come si organizza un rapimento virtuale)
publisher: castelvecchi, rome/italy
writer: nico piro
ISBN 88-8210-049-0
Price: L 18.000

here an excerpt from the book >
(part I: translated by a script feeding the whole book to the ALTAVISTA
translator, part II: quote italian "original")

<<< Our way is of a class, of a clean and professional category, to make
the difference is the corporate ones identity. The large problem of the
Net is that it is difficult to render a experience, a plan that is
leading in net, also in the real world. When it enters in an enormous
full room people conferences full, with the reporter who describes its
situated one and has the slide to the shoulders, while you six in seven,
with I lean jackets orange, all identical ones... >>>
<<< la storia di etoy e del dirottamento digitale e la storia di un
gruppo di ragazzi, provenienti da un'area geographica comunemente
identificata come Mitteleuropa, che in un giorno della loro vita hanno
deciso di scomparire. si sono lasciati la realita alle spalle perche
volevano fare musica ma non avrebbero mai accettato di salire su quel
palco... >>>>

protected by etoy >
the Symposium May 1 and 2, University of California, San

THE FOLLWOING WILL SOON POP UP ON THIS CHANNEL > -- etoy.TANK-17 - the etoy.WORLDTOUR (starting in SAN DIEGO, may98) will
bring the etoy.CREW to many countries -- they will conquer new
territories and acquire many new etoy.FANS
-- please be prepared for further instructions...

we are looking forward to do business with you !
languages of correspondence: english, french, italian and german.

for the crew

thanks for investing*:

MIGROS science & future: dominik landwehr & david bosshard, CRCA and
UCSD Visual Arts: lev manovich, carol hobson, harold cohen, louis hock,
ted apel, peter otto, walter cameron, SUN microsystems, EUnet, parmalat,
DR. RUDOLF FARNER PR, Bjoerk, etoy.TANK designer m. sutter, ruedi zai
(general tank advisor), City council of ZUG/Switzerland and Bundesamt
fuer Kultur/Switzerland, prof. g. schmitt / arch & CAAD ETHZ, c3 budapest
and suzy meszoly, nico piro, norman d. parry (translations), rtmark,
g-shock, hotwired/rgb, bazon brock, robert macintosh (etoy.BUSINESS advisor),
peter zumsteg, mark dippe (etoy.HOLLYWOOD-ADVISOR), peter lunefeld /
art center college of design, mark bartlett, sir sito jon, steeve hise,
gentleman udatny from, mike kuniavsky, ken jones, alfred von
escher and his kinnley corp., 8news san diego - kimberly hunt, dr. christine
schoepf, steffi and vera zai, MIDI standards organisation, ITEL Terminals,
Shunde Shun An Da Container Manufacturing Co. Ltd. / China, G.T.S/roger gillette
(CSC-inspections), US COAST GUARD, prof. peter weibel / Mkl visuelle
medien wien, nicolas scharnagl, dr. hans-peter und annelis bernhard,
prof. m. fassler ... and in memoriam FALCO, the man who taught us STYLE.

investor relations:
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p.o. box. 3365 - 8049 zurich - switzerland

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etoy.DISCLAIMER: disclaimer of limitations and liability. the
etoy.CORPORATION is fully responsible for immature, irresponsible and
dangerous actions by the corporate etoy.AGENTS. some etoy.PRODUCTS may
look friendlier and less explosive than they are...
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errors or ommissions, or for any kind of damages resulting from the use
of the information herein.

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