24 June 1998

*** tel. +1 415 252 3355 (blasthaus)

San Francisco, Ca. European Internet-Gang hacks
into San Francisco's culture code >>>

etoy, well know for their underground action
"the digital hijack" (kidnapping 1.4 million
net-tourists) successfully started their dangerous
WORLD-TOUR 98/99/00 in San Diego last week.

Friday the 19th of June, the etoy.CREW landed
in San Francisco with TANK 14, a 40-foot cargo
container, one of etoy's server-bases and lifestyle
units (hosting web-capsules, sound and sleeping
tanks, etoy.PROTECTION equipment...).

The invasion started 6-19-98 / 05:00:00 with a
high-risk logistic operation. The European
action-corporation etoy set up their orange 10 ton
steel and high-tech tank in the middle of the
"multimedia gulch" near 4th and Brannan at 41 Freelon...
since then, mysterious agents with orange jackets,
standard sunglasses, f1-overalls and hand-held
Internet devices have infiltrated the bay area...

the etoy.CORPORATION does not issue any information
about actual missions and strategies.. future
press.releases will update you on corporate underground
pop and action-entertainment... PLEASE WATCH OUT !

"i have no idea what these guys are doing ... but it
sure looks good and interesting... i definitely will
be there friday night..."
***lord martin [bay TV/san francisco examiner]:

"yes!...and all our children will be playing in their
garden of joy surrounded by glamour and perverted
disco tunes... etoy, immature priests from another
world..." ***bjoerk (popstar, island)

«...those of us lucky enough to have interacted
with them or their mediations will never experience
the man-machine-network interface in quite the same way again.»
***douglas rushkoff, new york times, author of «media virus

etoy was founded 1994 in the swiss alps. etoy
actions include net-technology, corporate aesthetics,
pop music, telecommunications and surreal security
systems. The etoy.AGENTS circulate between the U.K.,
the U.S.A, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic
and Austria.

after being asked about etoy's latest web-product
etoy.MARK shoots the slogan: "the shareholder is
the popstar". Then he hands over one of the
magnetic-strip business cards and connects you to
investor relations [] to receive

Opening action 26.jun 96/ 20:30 h

### New blasthaus location
[41 freelon, near 4th/brannan] ###

# The etoy.CORPORATION will hand over a share-certificate
to investor Renny Pritikin, chief curator of Yerba
Buena Center for the Arts

# corporate presentations by blasthaus and etoy

# online etoy.SHARE-TRADING

# feature of the exclusive corporate environment
etoy.TANK 14 [entry for shareholders only]

# exhibition of 9 etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES

# sanitized and infected etoy.DRINKS

for more >> please contact

tel. 415 789-8212 ext 1

and ask for a corporate etoy.FOLDER!

investor relations:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
p.o. box. 3365 - 8049 zurich - switzerland




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